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Perfectionist Checklist

Updated: Jul 3

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Here are some statements that help to identify

perfectionists. Pay attention to how many of these

you identify with:

o I feel that others have unrealistically high expectations of


o I hate asking for help because it can be perceived as a flaw

or weakness

o I can’t stand being interrupted

o I can’t stand it if my house/office is not organized


o I think that others are constantly judging me and feeling

dissatisfied with me.

o I get upset when I feel criticized

o I feel I must do everything myself because nobody can do

things properly.

o I can’t stop thinking about a mistake I made

o It is difficult for me to delegate

o I want something either perfect or not at all

o I am constantly checking and rechecking work before

considering it finished

o I am careful about how I phrase things so people will like


o I find it very difficult to say ‘no’

o I feel guilty if I take time for myself

o Asking for what I want is hard for me

o I avoid any situation which could be confrontational

o I am reluctant to form relationships with others for fear of

being rejected or looking foolish

o I get irritated when others don’t get things right

o When I have made a decision, I often doubt my choice

o I avoid social situations because I feel uncomfortable

o I feel inferior to people who are more successful and more

attractive than me

o People will look down on me if I look foolish or make a


o I feel devastated if I make a mistake

o I am very competitive and can’t stand doing worse than


o I avoid trying things I might not be good at

o I don't want others to see my imperfections

o I worry about what people will think of me

o I want to be thought of as a nice person

o I find myself obsessing about the finer details of a task

o I felt that I could never meet my parents’ expectations

o It is hard for me to complain about a poor product or service

Perfectionists tend to be:

 Competitive

 Defensive and over-emotional

 Ambitious

 Critical, picky

 Fussy, judgmental

 Aggressive or hostile

 Afraid of criticism

 Fast walking, talking, speaking

 Creative thinkers

 Problem solvers

7 Common Negatives of Perfectionism:

 Anxiety

 Social isolation

 Insomnia

 Exhaustion and tiredness

 Rumination

 Increased self-criticism

 Low self-esteem

7 Common Positives of Perfectionism

o Have better attention to detail.

o Higher Standards for everything

o High ambition

o A more polished end result

o Perfectionists go the extra mile 

o Strive to be best version of yourself

o Perfectionism can increase the level of perseverance.


Perfectionism makes you stay home, not take chances, and

procrastinate on projects. It makes you think your life is worse

than it really is; it keeps you from being yourself; it stresses you out.

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