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Marsha Hilton

Marsha Hilton Msc. is a Social Psychologist, Life, Career, Empowerment Coach, Speaker and founder of Marsha Hilton Coaching with a signature offer: The Hilton Method where she coaches clients to stop counting themselves out by identifying and rejecting perfectionism, reframing negative inner dialogue and embracing change to move them into the vision they have for their career.

Coach Hilton is a passionate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist who empowers clients to achieve their dreams by building agility and confidence to explore different paths.


Marsha holds a BA in French, Master of Science in Psychology specializing in culture and a Graduate Diploma in Career Development. Nova South Eastern University Graduate certificate: Leadership, Power & Authority.

Marsha has written a chapter for an edited volume on "Transformational Leadership Styles." She has spoken at multiple conferences on the subjects of Perfectionism, Emotional Intelligence, DEIB, and Imposter Syndrome. 

She is an expert in empowering teams and leaders to unlock their full potential and find fulfillment in their work. Through her expertise in reframing communication and shifting perspectives, she helps individuals eliminate negative inner dialogue and develop strong Social & Emotional Intelligence skills, enabling them to enhance their professional relationships, improve their decision-making abilities and achieve greater success in their professional endeavors. Research has shown that coaching can lead to increased self-awareness, better decision-making,improved communication, enhanced motivation and higher levels of job satisfaction.

Maximize your potential.

Contact Marsha to develop your Social & Emotional Intelligence and optimize your communication strategies.

Take action now for personal and professional growth.

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Speaking Topics

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Perfectionism

  • Discovering Purpose

  • Reframing Negative Inner Dialogue

  • Adaptability Quotient - Embracing Change

  • DEI Strategy

  • Group Communication ; Understanding Culture

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The Power to Execute - 5 Tips to get Unstuck and Launch your Next Career Move ...
March 3rd,4th &5th 2023 - Los Angeles California

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March 16th, 2023


Re-thinking the Role of Perfectionism

Every individual has patterns and behaviors that holds them back.

The Hilton Method is here to help you on your new journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible. Book your group consultation today to find the change you’ve been seeking.


With a background in psychology, Marsha has that
human touch that understands people, their feelings and
how their brain works. I felt understood because I knew
she keenly listened to me without judgement. 
Every session left me feeling driven and empowered.
Even in the rough times she made me accountable, and
she struck a match that ignited every burner that made
me want to get up and move.”

Trevanne Donegal-Porter, Award winning Cordon BleuChef, Mom, Wife

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